Do you already know the recipe for a great holiday à la Liendl?


Take a couple of days off and mix them well with any number of people young and old who are ready for a break.

Add a handful of goats, pot-bellied pigs and rabbits and leave the dough to rest on the play meadow for two weeks, if possible. In the meantime, prepare a juicy filling of comfortable rooms and holiday apartments, which can be spiced up with a family package of real hospitality. Spread the filling onto the rolled out dough, roll up tight and brush with warm holiday happiness.


The Scheriau family bids you welcome!


Discover our rooms and holiday apartments?

Family inclusive packages


Valid from:
9.4. to 17.4.2022
1.5. to 13.5.2022
6.6. to 15.6.2022
24.10. to31.10.2022

including breakfast buffet


from EUR 1.119,-


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