Kinder am Bauernhof

Children’s laughter on the farm

Our motto is: Holiday with - and not away from the children. So you won’t find any organised childcare with us. But definitely countless things to do to keep boredom at bay!

On the lake: large meadow with jetty, great children’s playground, free pedal boats, free bicycles.

On the farm: helping the farmer in the barn, romping around on the playground far from the road, petting rabbits, exploring the farm on their own, marvelling at the pot-bellied pigs, playing hide-and-seek, feeding the goats, whizzing around on our children’s bicycles, picking a bunch of flowers for Mum - and not getting at all tired ...

And don’t forget: Each child can reach into the treasure chest upon departure!

Family inclusive packages


Valid from:
9.4. to 17.4.2022
1.5. to 13.5.2022
6.6. to 15.6.2022
24.10. to31.10.2022

including breakfast buffet


from EUR 1.119,-


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