Cheers! Our wine tavern.

So a day on the lake not only makes you happy but also hungry. What about a delicious plate of Carinthian ‘Brettljause’ coldcuts? We welcome you to our farm’s very own wine tavern from 5.00 pm on Mondays.
The Liendl bread, our baker’s special mix, is a rye bread with few grains - the kids will also love it! It’s served with home-made bacon, ham, a spicy salami or sausage spread. Apple juices taste good, especially for the little ones - for the grown-ups, there’s cider and finally a schnapps.

Our literally award-winning cider is truly no plain water. “Winner of the golden cider mug”

Talking of which: Also worth its weight in gold is our playground right next to the wine tavern. So you always have your little ones in sight as they slide, swing or ride on the go-karts!

And in the evening, as dusk falls and the landscape begins to dissolve in the dark of the night, we place lanterns on the tables. That’s when things get really cosy ... .

Family inclusive packages


Valid from:
9.4. to 17.4.2022
1.5. to 13.5.2022
6.6. to 15.6.2022
24.10. to31.10.2022

including breakfast buffet


from EUR 1.119,-


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